Hello World.

As per the usual with these kind of things, I should start out with who I am and why I’m writing all my thoughts into a blog for people to read. First off, “who I am” is a loaded question for me. I could make a rant about where I’m from, where I grew up, what I do for a living, ect. but that’s pretty mute at this point. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know who I am or where I grew up, even what I do for a living since it’s as close to an identifier that many know me from. 
Nonetheless, the first question was who I am. My name is KC Loosemore. I grew up in Northern Utah close to the mountains, which is one of the many reasons I love Alaska so much. I love food. As far back as I can remember I’ve loved food. I probably loved food when I was still in the womb, making my mother crave strange things, I’m sure. While my love for food wasn’t enough, I naturally gravitated towards cooking it. Some people thought I had a talent at it so they gave me a job. I love to fish, travel, watch movies, play video games with select few friends, learn new things, and I could go on for quite a while. 
Now the second question was why I’m writing this blog. As I’m out in the world working and playing, I get a pretty good amount of people asking me how everything is going while I’m away. As I’m not a detail oriented man by nature in my daily life unless I’m either cooking or writing, I’ve finally caved into blogging about my adventures (or rather misadventures) in working in different, foreign places to most people I know. Plus, writing about experiences and events in my day helps conclude the experience and put my mind to rest.
I’m in the Arctic of Alaska right now. It was an incredibly annoying, headache-driven experience getting up here. It’s frigid cold, which I love. My room is disconnected from any semblance of a building and is basically a giant, reinforced and insulated shed with a industrial sized steel freezer door on it (pictured to the left. *note the sizable mound of snow on either side, which is considerably higher now) with small space heaters staving off the extremes of the Arctic wind and temperatures outside my bedroom door. Standing outside more than a few seconds without a jacket is almost an instant recipe for a cold. Any longer could do serious damage on nerves. 
Aside from that, the people I’ve met up here this far are some of the nicest and hardest working people I’ve had the pleasure of talking to. The accommodations and employee benefits are far beyond what I imagined, let alone expected. The coworkers are great to mingle with. I have my own room, which that, in itself, is a pretty big deal to a work camp. The sky is incredibly beautiful. Almost every morning I get stopped in my tracks looking at the sky or the sun. The aurora in the sky at night is a miracle, only matched by the bioluminescence in South East Alaska, the beautiful scenery in Utah’s mountains, and the incredible wild life that the oceans of Alaska has to offer. Just like before, I could go on and on about a singular subject. Particularly about what I consider the benefits of these places I choose to spend my time. If I did though, you wouldn’t have any reason to come back to my blog. Especially to read about all these incredible things that I want to write about in more detail.
I’ll be posting once or twice a week, as to give myself enough time to write the piece right and as to not put a time constraint on, like many things I have no choice to. Usually with experiences, pictures, philosophies I like to live by, etc. But also with extensive research I find interesting on a particular subject, giving me a plausible reason to study any subject that would probably never be needed. Especially for a person that spends a good majority of his time just cooking and cleaning in a small kitchen. Or maybe some tips on traveling. Or on cooking something that could be useful to someone that never cooks at home. Whatever I choose to be interesting that day. I’m also up for suggestions if anyone would like to know more about something but doesn’t necessarily have interest in doing any research on it at all. In advance, I hope you enjoy 🙂

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